#ALA is for both Business and Entrepreneurial Mentorship.

  1. The program is to prepare Business Executives who have the potential to become the Next Generation Leaders in their Firms (Intrapreneurs), and Entrepreneurs that have the potential and capability to become leaders in their sectors.
  2. The goal is to crystallize a multiplier effect; as the first cohort of Business Executives and Entrepreneurs by their successes will thereafter become beacons to other aspiring High Achieving Intrapreneurs (HAI) and High Growth Entrepreneurs (HGE)

Not all Business Executives have the desire to start their own companies. Many will like to pursue a career in the Firm and aspire to the highest level; examples are Satya Nadella of Microsoft and Sundar Pichai of Google.

Most Exceptional Business Executives tend to be the entrepreneurial mindset or cradle of the Firm (and are most times referred to as Intrapreneurs). They, however, need to be constantly challenged to stimulate their innovative acumen and provided with the platform to hone their entrepreneurial zeal.

They tend to leave the Firm once any of the above stimulations are missing.

ALA provides these Business Executives with the opportunity to hone their entrepreneurial skills and also develop bonds of co-inspired networks of like-minded Intrapreneurs and Entrepreneurs, sharing problems, new knowledge and valuable contacts.

The ALA program recognizes that a business needs the critical people to be in constant touch, providing direction and approving plans and requests.

To this extent, the program has been made compact into a 9 am to 3 pm format with two generous breaks for participants to touch base with the offices through high-speed complimentary internet access (and video conference by special request) there is a 30-minute tea break and a one-hour lunch break.

Care has been taken to complete the program each day at 3 pm so that participants can leave before the traffic builds up.

 ALA is not an incubator for startups. There are many institutions that already cater to this group.

ALA is looking to crystallize a multiplier effect in the optimization of jobs created in the ecosystem to ensure shared prosperityThe best way to achieve this is to work with the top of the pyramid, as their scale will drastically bring about geometric growth in economic development and a trickledown effect to the middle and bottom of the pyramid, thereby lifting everybody up.

The program is, however, open to all who successfully register to attend.