The biggest differentiating advantage of Silicon Valley is the pervasive matured entrepreneurial mentorship culture. This is the inspiration for the Ausso Leadership Academy. The course structure of the Ausso Leadership Academy has been designed to enable practical and experiential learning.

We offer four distinct programmes to achieve our experiential mentorship goals.

The ALA Corporate Impact

We are Strategic Partners to Business Leaders, with a proven track record for transformative performance. As highly experienced leaders, we are passionate as you are, about delivering extraordinary results! Our ability to transform performance and create great business leaders has been recognized by such clients as Seplat, Axa Mansard, CWG, Honeywell Group, Lexcel and Bridge Clinic/Synlab. 

The ALA Corporate Virtual

This programme is designed to help corporate players build a deep leadership bench strength, inculcating a culture of performance, accountability, pace and agility, in a highly autonomous and aligned environment. We are offering you 7 separate but interlinked and highly interactive sessions, each aimed at different levels of management and different needs but all designed to get your business fit for now and beyond the wave.


The ALA Masterclass is the flagship product of the Ausso Leadership Academy. It is a hands-on programme designed to impact entrepreneurs and business leaders via a powerful and sustaining learning experience. This programme is for Open for anyone to join who is a business Leader or Entrepreneur. It runs at least 4 times in a year. The 3-weeks impact programme has 3 separate masterclasses, each running for a week,

Mentorship Sessions

This is a practical and experiential engagement. The goal is to prepare High-Performance Intrapreneurs for a role as CEO or Executive Directors in a large corporate, or an Entrepreneur to launch or scale a business.