The Ausso Leadership Academy is all about Shared Prosperity. It was set up to mentor entrepreneurs and business leaders to optimize the jobs they create in order to enable sustainable shared prosperity. We mentor high-flying business executives and high-performing entrepreneurs to institutionalize and grow their businesses geometrically using a powerful combination of tested methods and experienced global mentors who have done it themselves.

Founded by the renowned Entrepreneur Austin Okere, ALA has mentored 120 Delegates from about 40 Businesses and impacted over 1,200 attendees with the support of 64 Champions who have come in specially to share inspirational experiences to motivate the delegates.

It is expected that the entrepreneurs and business leaders that have passed through ALA will achieve double-digit growth in revenue a year after impact and would have imbibed a code of Governance and a culture of Succession and Legacy.


To maximize the jobs created by Entrepreneurs in order to enable shared prosperity.


We mentor entrepreneurs to institutionalize and scale their businesses geometrically

Our Pillars


We seek to instill a mindset of innovation to enable the entrepreneurs to adapt quickly to the changing global business landscape, taking advantage of technology advancements such as artificial intelligence and big data to gain a competitive advantage in predicting customer preferences as well as simplify tasks and maximize output.


Most of the learning that our entrepreneurs have been exposed to is theoretical in nature with very little opportunity for experiential learning. Instead we focus on practical learning outside the classroom under the tutelage of successful entrepreneurs who have trod the path before in the real world.

Institutionalization and Scaling

Many businesses regardless of age have not laid a solid foundation of institutionalization to be able to support the full potential of growth. Without institutionalisation, there cannot be a sustainable scale because growth will be anaemic, and the enterprise may even collapse from poor governance.

Peer-inspiring Network

It is true that a problem shared is a problem half solved. We also believe that a candle loses nothing by lighting other candles. It only makes the room brighter for all. These are the philosophies of the mentor and peer networking opportunities that the Ausso Leadership Academy fosters. Each cohort offers the platform for ideas sharing and peer accountability.

Instilling Ethical

One of the most sustainable competitive advantages of business is ethical conduct. It wins your trust and loyalty, decreasing your cost of customer acquisition because it is much cheaper if most of your business comes from repeat customers. At ALA, we mentor business executives to mean what they say and get it right the first time and at all times.

Exposure to

The Ausso Leadership Academy recognizes that opportunities are essential to scaling. Delegates are exposed to the renowned business leaders who visit as our Champions of business and entrepreneurship and make up the ALA faculty. This offers an expansive pool for value exchange.


The mentors of the Ausso Leadership Academy, or Champions of Entrepreneurship as they are referred to, are outstanding entrepreneurs who have been very successful in blazing new trails. They are motivated to be the mentors they wish they had.