You are set up remotely and trying to make the best of it but you are not working alone: you lead or are part of a team. But since going remote you may be experiencing dysfunctionality, are not sure how to get the best from yourselves or just don’t feel right as a team. If that sounds familiar then this is exactly for you.

We offer a 2 hour highly applicable experiential session exploring the difference between ordinary and high performing teams in the remote environment then looking at the practicalities of structures, disciplines, processes and how to run a team meeting effectively. Understand how empathy, coaching and feedback can change the Virtual team.

We will share critical models and best practice then get you and your team to define, through breakouts and whiteboarding, how YOU want to operate. You go away with an agreed code of conduct & ways of working.

This is specifically aimed at intact teams within Organisations looking to take advantage of the virtual environment to improve efficiency and rebuild high performance. It is suited to leaders or managers and their teams who want to hone their team effectiveness, resilience and productivity.


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