You benefit from

  • A true understanding of the macro environment
  • Deepened understanding of your competitors, their personalities and intended actions
  • Working through an experiential sequence that leverages the intellect, experience and creativity of your team
  • Building together a dynamic competitive mindset with a fresh, clear sense of purpose and direction

You take away

  • A clear Vision, Purpose and Strategic road map with Pillars, Activities and Measures
  • An outcome-focused granular operational Plan for Year 1 and with tasks for the team to deliver.
  • Three hard-hitting analyses to your next horizon for the macro Environment, the Competition and your Own plan
  • A concise “strategy on a page” that distils all of the above into a clear, communicable and inspiring message for all your stakeholders

 How it works

Our bespoke two-day Setting Direction workshop brings you and the top team together to evaluate the market through three key lenses:

The White space develops an entrepreneurial view of the macro situation in your company’s chosen markets by understanding the current environment (geo-political, socio-economic etc.) in which we are operating then identifying key facts, observations and opportunities for growth.

The Red space strengthens competitive intelligence to develop an understanding of regional & local competitors in your market space to determine what they are doing now and their likely future courses of action around where to play and how to win.

The Blue space returns the focus to agree and commit to your company’s strategic intent through a transformational Vision and strategic attack pillars that will drive growth, defining the core measures of success aligned to the winning aspiration. From there we build the 1st year CEO’s operational plan and Must Win Battles to drive momentum for the first step to achieving the new Plan.

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