You benefit from

  • The alignment, clarity and focus of the organisation onto operational priorities so that decision making can be devolved and delegated effectively
  • Everyone being clear on their role within the bigger organisation, understanding not only What they have to do but Why they have to do it
  • The rhythm of your teams achieving their own plans throughout the fiscal year through regular Business Performance Reviews coached by us
  • All plans and performance being dynamically housed in a single easy to use web-based Dashboard

You take away

  • A detailed operational plan for the year ahead bespoke to each leader, cascaded from the CEO’s plan and interlocked with peers
  • Linked accountabilities, top to bottom that have been discussed and agreed and now sit transparently on your Dashboard
  • Real time performance auditing that enables business decisions at pace
  • Inspirational behaviours role modelled by the leadership, ready to be inculcated in the organisation

 How it works

  • We work with the CEO first to set up the main Plan for the year ahead, extracting it from the corporate strategy but refocused to the current situation
  • A 2-day workshop driven by us allows you the space to each build your own cascaded plans then to debate and align, establishing tasks, measures and resources needed to implement – you are set for the year ahead!
  • All your plans and measures are housed online in our secure Dashboard dedicated to you
  • As the year goes by you monitor, measure and course correct with the Dashboard. We continue to support, coaching at regular Business Performance Reviews
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